Authenticated Early Debit Order(AEDO):

AEDO is a deduction loaded on a customers account with his card and pin on a Suresystems terminal.

AEDO can be loaded  to track from 1 - 32 days on your  customers  bank account. AEDO transaction is not reversible. AEDO increases success rates and there is Non Disputable

The Suresystems AEDO  SP50 fixed terminal can connect to a standard network cable. Our SP600 terminal is WIFI enabled or you can insert simcard and use it as mobile GPRS/3G terminal. The SP600 AEDO  terminal is completely mobile and works on a battery that can last up to 18 hours working and 72 hours in standby. 


AEDO  transactions can be loaded for multiple installments . All Payments for AEDO/NAEDO can be managed on our SureCollect portal. Here you can cancel, reschedule or resubmit your AEDO contracts.

A detailed report  on all payments and decline transactions is emailed to you every morning.

Collected money is available immediately


Suresystems has developed an new payment system called Suredebit that will be used to manage and load all your Debicheck transactions. Suredebit is mobile friendly and allow you to load Debicheck transaction from anywhere and anytime on a  Tablet,Mobile phone, laptop or desktop.

DebiCheck will offer a new variety of Authentication methods for account holders and more secure payments for the merchants.


​Debicheck has 3 transaction types that can be used by a merchant  and a variety of authentication methods for his customers.

​Here is the transactions types Merchant and Customer:

Debicheck TT1 Real Time 

MERCHANT: Load  from Tablet, phone, laptop, desktop or integration with his own system.


Customer: Authenticates from Cellphone,Cellphone banking,USSD and ATM

Debicheck TT1 Delayed

MERCHANT: load  from Tablet, phone, laptop or desktop or integration. 

Customer: Authenticates from Cellphone,Cellphone banking,USSD and ATM

Debicheck  TT2 Delayed-batch file submit. Merchant can still submit batch file.

Customers will use same methods for authentication as with TT1.

Debicheck  TT3 Real time-  Merchant and customer use the POS Terminal to load and authenticate the transaction in real time.


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Non Authenticated Early Debit Order:

NAEDO deduction is loaded directly from our SureCollect portal and you only require the customers banking details and a signed  mandate to load the NAEDO.

NAEDO Tracking of 1-32 days are allowed. The NAEDO deduction is reversible.(disputable)

NAEDO Funds are available every day immediately after collections are done.

NAEDO  can be loaded in batches or via a integration from you own system.

NAEDO is not a face to face transaction and works similar to EFT debit orders. NAEDO has the advantage of tracking for your money. NAEDO and AEDO is processed before any  other debit orders on customers accounts.

EFT Debit Order

EFT Debit orders are currently the most widely used deduction . Debit orders are disputable.

With the EFT debit order service you require a signed debit order. No tracking is allowed.  Money is released within 5 working days from collection day.



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